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9/10 Microsoft Windows OS 개발 이야기(박인성/LG전자 상무)

Microsoft Windows OS 개발 이야기

강사: 박인성 (LG전자/상무)

일시: 2015.09.10(), 5:00PM~

For 40 years, Microsoft has remained a major player in both consumer and server computing space. And operating system has been one of the most important lines of its products. In this presentation, based on his experience as a development manager in the OS group, the speaker will share the insights into the strategy and reasoning behind its OS products.

Microsoft has had its share of great successes and monumental failures in their OS business, and the speaker will present how they have analyzed the responses to their OS products and how they make efforts to learn from their mistakes to stay on top of the ever-changing computing market. In addition, the speaker will shed some light on the evolution of software engineering system in Microsoft OS group.




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